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This elegant billiard table (pool in American), professional model Oxford, is ideal both for game rooms and billiard rooms and home use. The game area, with regulation measurements, is made from slate in three sections 25mm thick which guarantees maximum stability and quality; this makes this table one of the most requested tables for the Italian game rooms.

The strength is guaranteed by the excellent materials chosen; the handrail is made in very strong MDF covered in beautiful non scratch wood effect, meanwhile the frame and the sides are made in first choice plywood.

All the finishing touches and the particulars which make up the table are of a superior quality and also the cloth (baize), the cues and all the range of accessories are able to satisfy the requests of the most demanding players.



The Oxford billiard table is supplied partially assembled; to make the transport safer the slate, the legs, the coverings and the bands are supplied in packages separate from the frame of the table.

The cloth/baize is supplied fitted to both the slate base and the rubber sides, this allows an easy and intuitive assembly but at the same time professional.



Extended guarantee of three years on all the products in this line of the company

This billiard table is guaranteed for 36 months from the date of purchase. The guarantee covers defects in manufacture and /or conformity, but does not, in any way, if the product is:

Damaged by an improper use, negligence, mistreatment, abuse, damage during transport, natural or accidental events (including incapacity to follow the instructions supplied with the product)

Modified or repaired by persons not authorized by FAS Pendezza S.R.L

Not covered by that which is attributed as normal use.

To use the guarantee it is necessary to keep the proof of purchase of the product (receipt or a copy of the invoice) issued at the moment of purchase, for three years.

The existence of a defect in the conformity or manufacture must be communicated to FAS PENDEZZA or to the retailer where the product was purchased, within a period of a maximum of two months from the purchase or from the discovery of the defect. The defect must be communicated in writing to the retailer, even if this has been preceded by a verbal communication.

The company FAS will provide the restoration or the repair of the product without expenses to the customer and will consider the value of substitution or repair.

For further particulars, refer to DL n.24/2002 relating to consumer guarantee.





Suitable for indoor use only
Free play
25mm thick three piece slate bed covered with cloth (assembly required)
Sturdy wood legs with chromed steel adjustable height feet 
Table score counter to keep count of games won during a match.
Free accessory kit Includes: 1 pool cover, 1 wall cue rack, 4 cues, 1 ball set, 1 triangle, 1 brush, 12 pcs. of chalk, 1 chalk holder 
Playing area: 254cm x 127cm
Lenght:  286cm  Width  158cm
Net weight: kg 420


  • Adjustable height feet
  • Cues included
  • Numbered billiard balls included
  • Triangle included
  • Chalk included
  • Brush included
  • Wall cue holder
  • Score marker fi xed into the rails
  • Pockets
  • 3 sections slate
  • Billiard table cover
  • Slate thickness 25 mm

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