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This is a table for table tennis ideal for use outdoors, made in the regulation measurements:

Recommended for your free time and for your recreation; ideal also for individual training, as it can be utilized in the position playback, with half the table top raised.

This is a strong table because it has a frame made in 36mm tubular metal, positioned underneath the game surface; also the surface is strong as it is 4 mm thick melamine resin, it is made in two colours green or blue.

Featuring four 125mm wheels, of which two are movable to allow the table to be moved, also over uneven floor.

Particular attention has been paid to the security; the table has in fact, a simple and automatic closing system, which with a simple click closes the table securely and compactly, this system impedes it from falling over when it is closed or half open; also a safety bar, prevents anyone, specially children, from leaning on, or climbing between the two game surfaces. The net and its parts can remain in position when the table is in playback, or when the table is closed, contributing to the stability of the table.

Supplied also with a convenient bag for rackets and balls (four balls and two rackets) positioned at both ends.

Conforms to the European regulations in accordance with health and safety. EN 14468-1 and EN 14468-2, and covered by an extra guarantee for a total of two years.



The table is transported packed in a single carton, measuring: 162 x 9 x 144 and is partially assembled; the assembly instructions and the information on use are enclosed in the packaging.

It is possible to request special packaging in particular cases.







Weight: kg 55

Carton Size: L144 x H162 x W12,5cm


•Suitable for outdoor use 

•This table conforms to the following standards:EN NORM 14468-1

•4mm thick melamine board with optimum ball response. Metal frame 36mm

•Tubolar-profile 25 mm undercarriage, powder coated.

•Locking hook system. Quick & simple close-fit foldaway for easy space-saving storage. Playback for solo play or practice

•4 twin wheels Ø 125 mm, 2 x 360 degrees rotation 

•Bat and ball holder on both sides.

•Includes 2 bats and 6 balls

•The table must be assembled by at least 2 adults



  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor board thickness
  • Melaminic board thickness
  • Conforming to EC standards
  • 25 Ø metallic tube undercarriage
  • Wheel diameter
  • Full 360° rotation wheels

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