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The table for the game of TAM-TAM made by FAS.

An entertaining and robust game ideal for passionate challenges among players of all ages.

The aim of the game is to put the ball in the opposition’s goal using two comfortable handles which slide on steel poles, parallel to the game surface.

The table is strong, made in 22mm plywood, covered in laminated plastic, with attractive serigraphy along the sides, a high quality finish, indestructible spatulas in thermoplastic, exclusive closing system and steel, non scratch legs, purposefully curved to give maximum stability, these are some of the characteristics of this exciting game.

Supplied with coin operation, ideal for communities, town halls and game rooms.



The TAM TAM  is delivered partially assembled; to make transport easier, in fact the legs are not assembled, and must be assembled on arrival by the purchaser.

Every TAM TAM is packed singularly with 6mm corrugated cardboard, which is then sealed with straps, to guarantee a safe delivery and to avoid damage to the product.

The TAM TAM are sent singularly and placed on pallet of wood.

It is possible, on request, to have special packaging, in the case of particular deliveries.



Guarantee of two years against defects in production.






Blue and white  

Red and white


Peso netto: kg 64

Carton size: cm 144 x 162 x 10,5


• Made with plywood mm 22 covered with plastic laminate

• Plastic laminate playingfield 

• Playing area cm 140 x 62,5

• Sturdy metal legs  Ø 70 powder coated .

• For indoor use

• Coin operated

• Includes 10 balls



  • Indoor
  • Side thickness
  • Ø 70 metallic tube leg
  • Mechanical coin-mechanism

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