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This elegant FAS table reproduces the game of Ice Hockey.

The table has an electric motor, which generates a constant flow of air over the perforated game surface, thus enabling the disc to slide over the surface, as if it were a sheet of ice.

The strong and elegant structure of the table, made with rounded corners, and with the professional dimensions of the game surface (197.5 x 91 cm), make the product ideal for communities.

The table is in 17mm thick MDF with an elegant finish in black and silver melamine, non scratch and shockproof. The game surface is in 3mm MDF, covered in white PVC, non scratch with geometrical designs which exalt the competitions; the game can be very fast, requiring the players to be considerably dynamic, capable of concentrating, quick reflexes and coordinated in their movements.


Accessories supplied: 2 discs diam. 6.5 cm

                                        2 handles diam. 9.5 cm



Guarantee of two years against defects in production.





Blue and black


Net weight:kg 75

Carton size: cm 220 x 116 x 35 


• Free play Air hockey 

• Playingfield made with mdf mm 3 

• Playing area cm 197,5 x 91

• Legs supplied with chromed adjustable height feet

• Manual scorer

• For indoor use

• Includes  2 strikers and  2 pucks



  • Indoor

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