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Coin operated

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A table for professional hockey with a striking appearance thanks to the finish of the table, made in melamine, with digital prints which entirely cover the sides. The professional measurements ( game surface 224 x 112 cm) and the coin operation, make it ideal for lasting use in any surroundings, but above all in public places, games rooms, communities, discos and disco pubs.


Supplied with a roll bar with UV lights which illuminate the game surface, creating a magical atmosphere in the dark of the surroundings. The feet, elegantly chromed, allow the game surface to be perfectly level, even if the table is positioned on uneven ground.

The game surface is made in perforated stainless steel in the colour blue; supplied with a coin operation with an electronic selector and a separator in Plexiglas (obtainable also separately)


Certificate CE


Accessories supplied:  4 plastic beaters

                                         6 discs



Guarantee of two years against defects in production.






As shown in pic.



Net weight:kg 230

Carton size:cm 245 x 130 x 50



• Professional  coin operated Air hockey 

• Made with block wood mm 19 covered with plastic lamonate

• Playingfield made pf stainless steel 

• Full-size professional table cm 224 x 112

• Sturdy metal legs  powder coated. Supplied with adjustable height feet.

• Electronic coin selector

• UV lamp included

• Plexiglass divider included

• CE marked

• For indoor use

• Includes  2 strikers and 2 pucks



  • Indoor
  • Mechanical coin-mechanism

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