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Coin operated

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This elegant billiard table (pool table in American), professional model Golden, is specifically for billiards rooms and recreation centres because it is coin/token operated. The table is available in three measurements, all professional, (7,8and 9 feet). It is made of an entire piece of slate 22mm thick, which guarantees maximum stability and quality; this is why the model GOLDEN is the most requested model for all public recreation places.


The strength is guaranteed by the excellent materials chosen; the handrail is made in very strong MDF covered in beautiful non scratch wood effect, meanwhile the frame and the sides are made in first choice plywood.

All the finishing touches and the particulars which make up the table are of a superior quality and also the cloth (baize), the cues and all the range of accessories are able to satisfy the requests of the most demanding players.

Golden is available also in two versions that are not coin/token operated:

- With pockets and collection nets where the billiard balls can be collected manually, for places where the game is timed.

- In the version carom billiards (without pockets) to play freely or timed, for all the specialties of international billiards: nine-pin billiards, five ball billiards, three cushion carom, boccette, French carom.




POOL TABLE GOLDEN 9’ (mt 2.54)


• Suitable for indoor use only

• Coin operated

• 25mm thick one piece slate bed covered with cloth 

• Sturdy metal legs with chromed steel adjustable height feet 

• Table score counter to keep count of games won during a match.

• Free accessory kit Includes: 1 cue rack, 4 cues, 1 ball set, 1 triangle, 1 brush, 12 pcs. of chalk, 1 chalk holder 

• Recommended accessories: pool cover

• Playing area:  254cm x 127cm

• Lenght:  286cm  Width  158cm

• Net weight: kg 470




  • Adjustable height feet
  • Mechanical coin-mechanism
  • Lateral metal cue rack
  • Cues included
  • Numbered billiard balls included
  • Triangle included
  • Chalk included
  • Brush included
  • Score marker fi xed into the rails
  • One section slate
  • Slate thickness 25 mm

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